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Why should families use Upwards?

The first question you’re probably asking yourself is, “...what is Upwards?” This article explains the top reasons why parents and families across the nation choose to use Upwards for all their childcare needs.

Whether you are looking for daycares, babysitters, or nannies, we make it easy to discover the perfect caregiver for your family. We empower both families and caregivers with the tools and technology necessary to discover, meet, enroll, and educate. But most importantly, Upwards gives families peace of mind. 

Let’s admit it - childcare is crazy! Almost every parent can relate to the stress of finding affordable and good-quality childcare. Parents spend tens of hours searching independently for childcare only to turn up empty-handed. 

On the Upwards website or app, simply plug in your childcare needs by providing your zip code, child’s age, budget, schedule, and so on. Based on your unique needs, we will recommend to you the best available options in your area. Moreover, you will get assigned to a dedicated Childcare Coordinator who will help you along the way. 

If you’re doing due diligence and would like even more resources to understand how Upwards has impacted families all across the nation, please check out our Upwards Press Page


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