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Syncing your active members list

What Is the Active Members List?

Syncing your Active Member List allows you to easily manage who is able to access your company benefits. Members who are on your list will be able to create an account and access their benefits via the Upwards portal. 

When you sync a new list, any member who was previously able to access their benefits but is not on the list will require confirmation before they are inactivated. This will help prevent accidental inactivation. 

Before you begin

Before you sync your list, you need to make sure the column formatting matches the column headers that Upwards accepts. This ensures Upwards can properly upload and store your member information. 

Formatting customer information

The following list shows the information types that Upwards accepts. The information in the "Required Information" section must be included in order for us to properly identify your members and manage registration. 

The "Optional Information" section includes pieces of information that either:

  1. Help to increase your opt-in rate (ie. phone number)
  2. Help us to segment your data to provide advanced analytics

This information is not required but is recommended for deriving utilization insights across your organization. 


Column headerDescription and formatting guidelinesExamples
first_nameThe member's first name.
  • Johnny
last_nameThe member's last name.
  • Appleseed


The primary email account for inviting and communicating with users. US and international formats are accepted.

zip_codeThe member's home zipcode. We accept 5-digit zip codes. This is used to help identify childcare options.
  • 90292
start_dateMM/DD/YYYY - When your member started at your organization. Allows us to understand benefits eligibility.
  • 01/22/2021


Column headerDescription and formatting guidelinesExamples
phoneThe member's primary mobile phone line. Adding a mobile phone can drastically improve your opt-in rate. 
  • (555) 555-555
  • 555-555-5555


Does the member have dependents? "0" if No, "1" if Yes

  • 0
  • 1


Zip code for the office where the member works. We accept 5-digit zip codes. Used to help identify additional childcare opportunities.

  • 90292


Name or email string for member's manager. Used for data segmentation.

  • Johnny Appleseed
  • Johnny


Location name or ID. Used for data segmentation.

  • any text or numeric value


Department name or ID. Used for data segmentation.

  • any text or numeric value 


Division name or ID. Used for data segmentation.

  • any text or numeric value


Business unit name or ID. Used for data segmentation.
  • any text or numeric value


Job title or classification information.

  • any text or numeric value
annual_salaryIf salaried, numeric annual salary amount. Used for childcare cost analysis.
  • 50000
hourly_rateIf hourly, numeric hourly pay rate.
  • 15
employment_statusEmployment status and type. Used for benefit eligibility. Must be one of the values in the examples column if set.
  • full_time_employee
  • part_time_employee
  • contract_employee
  • independent_contractor
  • intern
  • volunteer
  • temporary

For additional support with Syncing Active Member Lists, please contact your account manager. 

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