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Reply to inbox messages and tour requests

Replying to Inbox messages quickly will increase your chances of booking a tour and enrolling a family in your childcare program. 

Parents appreciate it when providers reply within 24 hours, even if you are not able to accommodate the family. We want to make sure all parents are responded to.

To respond to a tour, tap on the banner in a parent conversation to open the Care Request and then select:

1. Tap on the conversation with the parent and click on "View Tour"

2. Select one of the options

  • “Confirm” to accept the tour time
  • “Not a Match” if you are unable to accommodate the family 
  • “Reschedule” if you would like to propose a new date or time

To request a tour:

  1. Tap on "Enrollment"

2. Tap on "Interested"

3. Tap on the parent name to open their Care Request

4. Select “Request Tour” 

5. Specify the days and times that best work for you, then, tap  “Send tour request to parent”

6. Wait for the parent to respond to confirm your tour request.

Upwards Tip: Replying within 24 hours will increase your ranking on Upwards. The more you interact with families the higher you will be on the search results.

Reminder: Remember to provide the parents with your Upwards rates or route them back to us for a more precise calculation of the fees. 

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