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What are the perks and benefits for Home Daycares using Upwards?

Upwards is a one-stop solution for caregivers to run their entire business in the palm of their hands.

Upwards is a tech-powered marketplace that provides families with access to affordable, high-quality childcare for all families while supporting childcare providers in operating sustainable businesses. 

Upwards helps providers run their businesses by assisting with enrollment and finance management, tuition collection, curriculum, and tour management. By offloading more time-consuming tasks, providers can focus more on providing quality care. 

Through the Upwards app, you'll have access to:

Providers with Upwards earn more through the following:

  • Tuition collection (credit card / ACH tuition payments, set up weekly or monthly recurring payments, and family tuition support)
  • Revenue optimization (capacity monitoring, backup care management, corporate benefits partnership opportunities)
  • Finance management (billing & expenses, end-of-year tax assistance, FSA dependent care reimbursement)
  • Management of government subsidy (family & provider assistance, help with monthly reporting, credit facility to bridge gov’t subsidy reimbursements available.
  • Government subsidy support (facility to process payments on par with private pay)
  • FSA dependent care support for families (families can utilize FSA dollars to pay for care vs. reimbursements)

Upwards saves providers thousands of unnecessary hours on the phone vetting if it’s a match.

Without Upwards

Without WeeCare

With Upwards

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