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What is the role of my Care Navigator?

Wonder who that person is texting you and introducing themselves from Upwards? Well, that’s your dedicated Childcare Coordinator! They are your direct line of communication with our team of childcare experts, who are here to help you throughout the process of finding care. Even after you successfully enroll with an Upwards provider, we are here to support you through your entire childcare journey. 

Am Upwards Childcare Coordinator is your dedicated person to help you through the process of finding and experiencing amazing childcare. If you’ve ever felt alone or stressed out trying to navigate childcare options, your Childcare Coordinator is your right-hand person. Our goal is to help you decide on the best possible childcare option based on your unique needs. 

Trust us; we know…childcare is crazy! We’ll be the first to tell you that spots fill up quickly. We’ll be transparent and honest with you about your area's daycare or caregiver supply and give you our best recommendations about what to do next. We can promise that we’ll follow our motto “Do Whatever it Takes” to turn over every stone and use our resources to connect you with the best option for you. 

Who we are: 

  • Experts in the childcare landscape in your area!
  • Thoughtful 
  • Resourceful 

Who we are not: 

  • Robots! 

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