Tips for taking great photos of your daycare

Modified on Tue, 26 Sep 2023 at 10:12 AM

Now that you are an Upwards daycare partner, it's important to get your profile to stand out by adding some photos of your daycare environment. Families want to see what your daycare looks like, and great photos tell the story. Share captivating photos of your space- including photos of the inside, outside, and spaces children will have access to.

Here are some tips on how to get the best photos:

Tip #1- Organize your daycare environment

Ensure your daycare space is clean and clutter–free–including both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Tip #2- Light up your daycare

Make sure there is a lot of light in your photos. When possible, take photos during the day.

  • Open the windows and turn on all the lights before taking the photos
  • Bring in some lighting fixtures from other rooms if necessary- you can set them up behind the camera to throw extra light into the room!

Tip #3- Capture landscape and levels

Your daycare photos should all be shot in landscape/horizontal mode. This wider image mode allows you to capture the entire space of your daycare zones and looks amazing on your listing.

  • Try out different levels or heights at which you take your photos. Capture images from the point of view of a child and some as an adult. This will bring some fun perspective to the images.

Tip #4 Showcase your daycare areas

Parents want to get a glimpse of where their child will be spending their day. Fun and colorful photos will spark parents’ interest and showcase all the thoughtfulness and attention you’ve put into setting up your daycare space. Use your educational materials, toys, child furniture, and decorations to your advantage. Showcase the different areas you may have, such as soft spaces, library, art, dramatic play, blocks, etc.

  • Take at least one photo of each room you will use inside your house
  • Use different angles and vantage points to capture different points of view
  • Take at least one photo of the outdoor space you will use (if applicable)
  • Take close-up “character shots” of the different elements in your daycare zones

Tip #5- Capture exterior photos

Taking exterior pictures of your home/building from the street level helps set the scene where the care will take place. This is just another selling point for why your home daycare is safe and beautiful.

  • Take at least one image of the outside of your building/home. Capture any lovely landscaping or other attractive aspects of the building.

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